Saturday, February 11, 2006


A couple of nights ago, while out on the deck in the silence under a clear sky I saw a meteor – not a 'shooting star,' but a much brighter, thicker, slower, more intense column of light - streak straight down from the sky directly in the east. It lasted only a second or so before it burned out in the unchanged silence, about a hand's length (at arm's length) above the horizon.

Standing out there alone in the darkness I was primally startled; but as quickly I realized, scientifically, what I had just seen. So I went back to my primal reaction and dug in, tried to think in the way our ancestors 50,000 years ago would have thought about such things as fire streaking from a cold dark sky, to imagine from out of that same darkness the answers they wove into their world as gods, and the sources of those gods... the myths came forth more easily than I'd expected they would, we are in fact so close to that source in ourselves... those gods and their source are in us all still... we carry them not far beneath the surface, just below the cultures, religions and manners that stem from them; they are far more ours, and more genuine to us, than the latter components of our general veneer.

The body and the mind know more than science can ever fathom...

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