Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I read The Da Vinci Code a few years ago, or tried to - just had to see what all the fuss was about - but right from the opening pages my mind kept asking intelligent questions, like "Omigod, do you believe what that dying guy managed to do?" or "Surely no one would ever say anything like that under such circumstances without everyone around them cracking up?" or "Don't you wonder why these characters take all this so seriously?" As Mark Twain said about an earlier version, once I put it down I couldn't pick it up. My disbelief was simply too massive to be suspended without some serious bridge cable, anchored maybe on the moon.

So, as one who was raised Catholic, I find it interesting that mobs of folks who fervently believe in immaculate conception, resurrection, ascension and transubstantiation (for starters), are getting all up in arms and being deeply offended by a clumsy patchwork of fictual faction that basically says Jesus got married and had some kids.

Truth is indeed stranger than... whatever fiction is.

[I speak, of course, as a descendant of Jesus... or not...]

[Is nothing sacred? Even the "DaVinci Code nun" is ersatz...]


Tabor said...

This was my take on the book. I read it, and immediately was bored by the transparency and cliche and lack of compelling characters. I also am amazed that people are so offended by the conclusion---which is believable.

Winston said...

I have the book around here somewhere, but after seeing so many reviews and comments pan it, I am in no rush. Will probably see the movie (on DVD) first, then perhaps the book. Perhaps not...

It was not too many years ago that we understood that movies and TV productions and fictional books were. well, fiction. We accepted that and most were happy with that. We even recognized that it was really Charleton Heston, not Moses, and the parting of the sea was a studio trick.

These days, people are just out looking for a reason, a cause, to get their panties all in a twist.

Joy Des Jardins said...

"Panties all in a twist".....ha, ha, that Winston kills me. But seriously, fiction people...HELLO?

remora said...

Or maybe more historically "toga in a tourniquet" - Fiction definately!..Fact unfortunately not.