Wednesday, July 05, 2006


The North Korean leadership-in-reverse, like any other inherited (and some elected) leadership, has a sovereign right to cranial ossification, exemplified in this instance by the launching of 7 deadhead missiles (the only things actually directed out of the country), one of which would be capable of reaching Vancouver (if it didn't malfunction 40 seconds after launch as it did today) or, in the form of cash expended, feeding North Korea's underfed populace for a year. But Dear Leader just wanted to hit that ocean; as for the loyal subjects, let them dream of ten minutes in a Vancouver restaurant...


Maya's Granny said...

If only The Decider doesn't decide to use this as an excuse to attack the second of the axis of evil! God knows, he's been wanting to. And, after North Korea and Iran saw what happened to Iraq when they didn't have nuclear capability, developing it might seem the only safe thing to do.
The world is in the hands of madmen!

Pam said...

There is next to no coverage of what goes on in North Korea here in the States. I wish some of those shows I saw on Japanese tv when I lived there were available for English speaking audiences.
I wish a major US media outlet would give some airtime to Dr. Norbert Vollertsen.