Friday, June 29, 2007


Can a man who was born in Japan and later resided here until recently, but is currently under house arrest in Chile awaiting extradition to stand trial on charges of corruption and extra-judicial killings - allegedly committed while he served as President of Peru for 10 years - find happiness and fulfillment as a New People's Party member of the Japanese Diet?

I'll bet that question has never been asked before. "I'm counting on Mr Fujimori as a Last Samurai to put vigor into Japanese society," said Shizuka Kamei, of the tiny People's New Party, apparently hoping for more vigorous displays of extra-judicial activities than we have seen heretofore.

An even sillier question is: does the "last samurai" have even the remotest chance of being elected next month while under house arrest in Chile?

Bushido has come a long way, along a strange road.


joared said...

The saga of this Japanese man in Peru has fascinated me. Now, what exactly is it he's going to accomplish for the Japanese people???

Bobby said...

Marion Barry proved that you can do anything.

Nevin said...

Shizuka Kamei can do know wrong - he's the spitting image of my father-in-law who died in 1999. Whenever my wife and I see him on television, we always say in unison, "It's Papa!"

There is little more than physical resemblance, however...