Friday, June 01, 2007


Saw a high school girl on the train platform, alone there among all the suited older males, practicing her cheerleader moves without restraint or the slightest embarrassment. More major changes ahead for Japanese culture.

Saw a veteran commuter guy on the train who carefully positioned a folded handkerchief under his chin before allowing his head to totally loll forward and great quantities of large Zs to pour forth. A real pro.

Saw a ten-year old schoolgirl on the train staring wide-eyed at the foreign man with the long white hair. Having never seen such a thing before, she had trouble believing her eyes. She stared intently and unabashedly, therefore, until her convictions were once again in order and all in her world became normal again, including me.

At the terminus, saw the "Free Hugs!" girl again, alone this time, no takers visible, her sign now dogeared, her benevolence undimmed, a walking beam of sunshine.


Tabor said...

Maybe your cheerleader views this outdoor activitiy as another version of Tai Chi only really really fast?

Joy Des Jardins said...

I have to give the "Free Hugs" girl a pat on the back....I wonder what her tally is to this point.

Hmmm, the man with the long white hair...I'd find him interesting too. Who knows the stories he could tell.

Annette said...

I saw an unexpected smile, and to the rest I was blind. And my soundtrack was great!

Perkunas said...

I wonder if the free hugs girl is a follower of Amma, the hugging guru.