Saturday, August 25, 2007


The other morning I spotted this train ad
for the tallest meat construction I ever saw for commercial sale
(note the fluffiness of bun, the tenderness of lettuce,
the softness of cheese, remeniscent of fat hanging over a belt),
though the looming Megateriyaki was no svelte offering.
I remember when I thought a Big Mac was huge
and before that, when a burger and fries was a meal...
I suppose in another two years it'll be six burgers high, and then eight...
Are the jaws widening as the bodies do?


Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine how much one of these monsters costs. How many yen? How many people would one of these feed?

Bob Brady said...

I'm assuming they're each for one person, but I have no real idea of the cost -- several dollars, I should imagine. If they're still offering them (i.e., haven't been sued for in-shop heart attacks or public obesity aforethought), when next I'm near one of the shops I'll check the price and post it here.