Thursday, August 23, 2007


We had our last blast with the trio yesterday while their mother went into Kyoto for some long overdue personal shopping. It was the last time I'd see the wee ones for this trip, since they're going home to Tokyo today and I have to go to work in the big city. They weren't informed that this was the last day of their visit before returning to their regular routine of school and the local playground.

It was raining most of the day so we were confined to the house, and in the rainlulls to the garden, where they could play with the hose and create a greater hullabaloo until lunch, after which we went to the beach but as soon as we got there the thunder and lightning started and then heavy rain, so we scrambled back to the car and went instead to a kiddy game center in the big department store where, since it was Wednesday, they had the place entirely to themselves and my change purse.

They rode every ride several times, their favorite being one that produced a doggy picture for each ride, the one who put the coin in getting to keep that card. We also took a wacky group picture in a photo booth (which I will post herewith later, if I can snap a decent copy of the tiny blurry image). Then we went home for dinner, they clutching their doggy pictures.

When their mother returned in time for dinner, we ate together and I wore myself out frolicking (impossible to refuse little open arms raised toward you) until they were almost as sleepy as I was, when we said our last goodbye and they drove off into the dark thinking they'd see us tomorrow too… One-sided goodbyes are easier…

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