Thursday, March 18, 2010


Slowly and relentlessly the front advances to capture the nation, edging ever closer toward abject populations that await on the tenderest of tenterhooks as silently the edge draws nearer, marching steadily forward across the terrain on the quietest of feet - nothing can stop it - not that anyone wants to, for any day now it will engulf us each and every one in its delicate effusion, washing over us in a tidal wave of implacable pinkness, a nationwide lava flow of tiny petals, a torrent of ever-so-softness frittering down over folks who can only sit vanquished on blankets on the grass in the parks beneath the unstoppable vanguard, eating their bento and drinking their sake even unto the end, dancing their delight to the continuous music inspired by the ruthless beauty of the sakurazensen (Cherry Blossom Front), which will soon conquer this entire nation, overcoming its grateful populace in the subtlest of pastels and the most passionate moments of florid camaraderie you ever saw, when everywhere the air will be floral with fluttering sighs, and tears will fall like pale pink petals at the passing of this brief beauty everyone embraces but none can hold on to, as the transient vanquisher moves on to its next new conquest about a year from now.


Chrissy said...

Very descriptive... I hope u share photos, it must be beautiful and I bet the scent is awesome.

Xibee said...

I grew up (for at least a couple years) with a cherry tree on the side yard of our home. I loved it; I climbed it, sat in its branches and learned how to whistle to robins. I revelled in its pinkness and sniffed it. I ate cherries off it. I thought I knew cherry tree. I spoke cherry tree.

But absolutely NOTHING could have prepared me for the dry erase board where they tracked with symbols the progress of the wave. Nothing prepared me for the blitz of OOHAhhhness one feels when in Maruyama Park in Kyoto on a magic spring day and it's April under the most GIANT TREE OF PINK you've ever seen and you've just ACTUALLY SEEN YOUR FIRST TWO GEISHA in FULL REGALIA like two cloisonne beads set on a pillow of pink silk and it's just... amazing. It is Japan.

Ageless North Shore said...

We mentioned PureLandMountain on OUR blog - take a look if you'd like: