Friday, May 13, 2005


While Googling around with facts the other day I found that "women," a topic dear to all hearts, receives 266,000,000 mentions on Google’s catalog of web pages, in slight contrast to the 252,000,000 "men" gets, then one thing led to another as it always does and the subject of "sex" arose, so to speak: it got 317,000,000 mentions - many of them intimate whispers - more than for "men" or "women" alone, but less than for both combined, which will not be detailed here as we wish to preserve our General Audiences rating.

"Celibacy," in contrast, received a deservedly paltry 521,000 mentions, who brought that up.

Then the seeker’s thoughts graduated naturally to "love," which got a pretty respectable 266,000,000, the same as "women" though also less than "sex," but then there’s always been more sex than love, just stand around in Shinjuku for a while, or go for a night stroll in the Bois de Boulogne. "Love," as sadly it too often does, led to "hate," which had 31,500,000 strident mentions, a reasonable cosmic balance I guess, and then on to the relative relevance of some of our other iconic priorities…

Peace 68,000,000 War 234,000,000
Life 431,000,000 Death 117,000,000
Wealth 22,000,000 Poverty 24,000,000
Money 243,000,000 Debt 79,900,000
Einstein 12,400,000 Elvis 13,000,000
Jesus 50,600,000 Buddha 7,140,000
Christianity 13,200,000 Buddhism 5,320,000
Islam 22,000,000
Email 645,000,000 Internet 631,000,000
News 1,060,000,000

Interesting way of looking at it...

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