Wednesday, May 04, 2005


On Sunday's beautiful morning we went north to our favorite kiddy beach just south of Matsu-no-ura, where there's a long narrow shaded lawn with gazebo and table right beside the sandy stretch of beach that segues into Matsu-no-ura proper (just go north along the beach shore road that starts at Horai and take a right at the police box, then a left; park close by the stone wall). You gotta get there early though in beach season, which we can do since we live only 5 minutes away.

There Kaya got down to serious beach business with all her digging and sand moving equipment while Echo did yoga and I explored the beach for a while and took some pictures, then laid down on the lawn and herded Zs in the shade until lunch. Only the leading edge of the summer tourist throngs have arrived, so we had the best of it all.

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