Sunday, May 08, 2005


Many soul-stirring things boiling up into the brain to relate here, like Kaya’s trip to the mountaintop above us via the red gondola and how she loved being on top of the world for the first time in her nearly 5-year life; the 14 logs (13 oak and 1 camphor) now stacked deck-high in front of the house that were delivered by Mawaribuchi-san; his superior firewood-woodstove-woodtool service, Maxwood; the subsequent morning intervals spent as but one elder man with splitting maul in hand staring at the 3 tons of logs as I grab a few moments in the excellent shade of the now richly green plum tree while resting from bucking the 4-meter logs into stove lengths with my toylike non-Stihl chainsaw, which plaything quality it acquired when I saw how Mawaribuchi-san’s 265 Stihl chainsaw cut through half-meter oak logs like I slice bread for toast; how I really appreciate having purchased my Gransfors Bruks splitting maul, its material and form the products of careful work and experienced thought with the intended task in mind; the fragrance of camphor when it is split, how it and my sense of smell have known each other for eons; and up along the Lake, Watertail Shrine that we’re going to visit this pm as soon as I dash this off, but I’ll try to get to all these things and treat them one by one; trouble is, fascinating things just keep on happening, you can never catch up to life...

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