Wednesday, March 01, 2006


"He has little time for the notion that the young men who flew into enemy warships did so happily in a selfless display of loyalty for the emperor.

'We said what we supposed to say about the emperor, but we didn't feel it in our hearts,' he said. 'We were ready to die, but for our families and for Japan. We thought people who talked seriously about wanting to die for the emperor were misguided.

"It was more like a mother who drops everything when her child needs her. That's how the kamikaze felt about their country.'"

'We were ready to die for Japan'


Keith in Louisville said...

Interesting story...I'd love to meet this man.

Robert Brady said...

Even now, it takes courage for someone as 'symbolized' as he is to speak out in that way. Few can speak with such authority on the kamikaze.