Thursday, August 24, 2006


Finally all looking toward the camera at the same time...
The trio, L2R: Miasa, Kaya, Mitsuki

Kasumi and Kaya

If you have kids and live anywhere near Shiga,
Kodomonokuni (Kid Country) is the place to go.


Leonard said...

We finally get to see these young'uns. . . and they look adorable, not as devious as they sometimes sound.

These are gonna be heartbreakers soon.

Congragulations, Bob.

annie said...

Beautiful...all four!. Just look at the knowing faces of those 3 little is now and life is good. Delightful!

You have much to be proud of.

Mary Lou said...

Finally the trio's Mom!! She is beautiful!! No wonder the trio are such cute little girls!

Joy Des Jardins said...

Finally! WOW....I love them. Bob, they are gorgeous. First time I'm seeing Kasumi. She's just beautiful. Thanks so much for posting these.

Chancy said...

Beautiful times 4

Maya's Granny said...

How very lovely they all are.