Sunday, August 06, 2006


This afternoon we went a bit north along the lake to buy some excellent natural cakes from the organic bakery there, then overlake to the Triad's HQ because the twins are 3 years old today. Those who've been following this blog (now in its fifth year!) might remember the surprise of the twins' arrival; the uniqueness of it was midwife internet headline news at the time.

We stuck 3 candles in each of the twins' cakes but they didn't want candles, they wanted cakes, so after some convincing they blew out the candles and dove in. They looked cute as an armful of puppies in their new dresses. They themselves were the gift of the day, though.


Maya's Granny said...

Grandparenthood is such an incredible thing. For all that both of my children were, and still are, most wonderful gifts, Maya is an entirely different level of delight. Has to be something more than the deep knowledge that my family will continue on for this next generation.

Although, having lost my father when I was six, there is a special magic to seeing his cowlick and toes repeated in this newest generation, and even after ten years, it has not grown old.

Joy Des Jardins said...

And cake they shall have. Three years old. Robert, I know you're relishing every moment with your girls....ALL THREE OF THEM. The days just aren't long enough to absorb what you need before they'll be off least that's how I feel. I watch so intently when I'm with my grandchildren because those times need to carry me through to the next visit; and these little ones change so much between visits. We miss a lot. I can hear the changes in phone conversations. That's just how it is, isn't it Bob? So, that's why we MUST make the most of it while we have them with us...right in frong of our eyes. Give them a kiss for me Super G.

enigma4ever said...

Happy 3...such a special age...Enjoy and namaste.

Mary Lou said...

Has it been THREE years already? OMIGAWD!!! I remember when KAYA was three!