Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Back in the days before the declared truth of global warming was asserted to be a falsehood created by scientists who just want to get money for climate studies (as opposed to the anti-global warming scientists, who use their own money?), we here on the mountain used to experience our first frost some time in late October and our first snowy mountaintops some time in late November. As I indicated in a previous post, however, despite the patent truth and self-evident falsity of global warming, just a couple days ago in mid-December I had to wear a t-shirt while splitting firewood because it was too hot.

This morning, in the midst of all that controversial expenditure of time and money on global warming research and counter-research, I stepped out on the deck and to my surprise, slipped on the first frost of this year! Only a couple of months late! Clear data that in fact affirm the stance of the global warmers. Then I looked up and saw the mountaintops dusted with the first snow this year! Only a month late! Just a one-shot quirk in weather that is in fact on the side of the anti-global warmers.

Compared to the climate, we humans have only been here for a few seconds or less, so the weather spends no time listening to our squabbles. It is fully occupied with following the chaotic path that it always has, factoring in our heated input to whatever end. And if there's any burden to be borne, that will of course be the task of the newcomers.


Chancy said...

Yes Robert
I agree. Down with all those expensive studies about global warming. The scientists need only step out on your deck in Japan and my porch in Georgia to know it is globally warmer.

kenju said...

And my deck in Raleigh. It was 75* here yesterday and 65* today. The norm for this time of the year is 55*.

Maya's Granny said...

And here in Alaska, once again we have rain just a week before Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Here in Florida, it's easy to forget that winter exists at all. Here I sit, windows open, in December... If I donned a sweater I'd be too warm.

If sea levels rise as predicted, future generations may find themselves treading water in this locale.