Friday, October 12, 2007


"The Japanese have developed tough approaches for ensuring the quality of Chinese imports, particularly food — in part by far more rigorous testing of its imported food than in the United States. But the innovation getting the most American attention is Japan's system for screening Chinese producers even before they ship their merchandise to Japan."

NY Times, via Kurashi - News From Japan
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Todd said...

Interesting approach. Unfortunately, Japanese personal care products are full of as many poisons as their Chinese counterparts. But, since the big companies like Lion sponsor news programs and advertise heavily in the various media, the story is left untouched. I believe Germany bans Japanese toiletries due to a very high level of carcinogens. More at

Bob Brady said...

Todd, I agree. I don't know how many labels of Japanese shampoo/detergent/face cream/shaving soap I've read over the years, it's like a chemical factory inventory on there, and it hasn't changed much since I first came here in the early seventies. I dread to think what's in the hair dyes, makeup etc... The incidence of allergy, anomalous diseases and carcinoma of various kinds seems to be increasing steadily, though...