Friday, October 19, 2007


And speaking of rays of light, thanks to broadband I just finished watching - for the first time since the 60s - an episode from one of my all-time favorite tv series, The Avengers, right here on my computer, on that new tv mirror site with the logical listings.

Emma Peel (Diana Rigg) is just as hot as I remember her being in my more freely fevered years. (I'm more coherently fevered now.) Later - in the late 70s - I used to steal lemons from Diana's tree in front of her mountain house on Ibiza (just across the road from Terry Thomas' estate), which we used to walk by every time we went over the mountain into town. Diana was never there (very busy lady), so her lemons would have gone to waste. Needless to say they were excellent-- come to think of it, also grown from rays of light...

[Update Oct 20: And the day after I put up the above link: " Raided, Owner Arrested."]
Ah, well, in time the stream shall prevail...

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