Monday, October 15, 2007


In the millions of years before elevators were invented, human beings rarely went straight up or down.

Early versions of the elevator were largely failures, moving sideways if they moved at all. Over millennia, those devices evolved into the motor vehicles we know today.

Say "elevator" to a giraffe, and it will stare at you blankly.

Elevators are never seen mating, since they reproduce asexually.

The elevator concept is only vaguely hinted at in the world's holy books.

Sigmund Freud secretly believed elevators to be highly erotic symbols of both sexes, and loved to ride up and down in them.

Napoleon Bonaparte, like most people in history, never heard of an elevator.


nils said...

Last weekend I was getting on an elevator and when the doors opened I saw that one of the passengers was a certain Ms. Ue (Japanese surname which means "up"). Sensing a golden opportunity for some brassy humor, I inquired, "Ue desu ka?"

Eye rolls from everyone, but no laughs. I had hoped for better, considering the big laugh I got when Ms. Emura got off the elevator at the "M-3" floor at Granvia Hotel and I blurted out, "Yappari, Emu-san no floor!"

Bless you, Robert. It's good to see that you've been keeping a brisk writing pace while I took time off from blogging with my toddler.

Bob Brady said...

Thanks, Nils, glad you're back. that Ue-sama joke should have gotten a good laugh all around.

Trace said...

Big Smile :)