Thursday, July 31, 2008


Well, with Keech still here for a last few days before heading back to Seattle, the dynamic trio Kaya, Mitsuki and Miasa came back into our lives on Monday with a triple-smiley burst of growth and energy, filling the house with giggles and running blurry circles around the big smooth cedar logs that rise to the roof from our living room floor. Pretty soon they were shinnying up those same logs and yelling from the ceiling. Keech hasn’t seen the twins since they were born nearly 5 years ago

Yesterday, following our early afternoon's labor, when I came into the house a few minutes after Keech, the trio were walking all over their new uncle. Literally. Keech was lying on a futon on the living room floor with KMM walking on his back, legs and feet. They work as a massage team, among other helpful things.

Later, when Keech and I were outside moving mounds of firewood we'd cut earlier, the sound of our labors intrigued the triad, who came out like a swarm of bees to see what we were up to; before you could say "whatchadoin" three times, they pitched in (barehanded) and helped Keech and I (gloved) load and stack wheelbarrows of the stuff, and only got one scraped arm and a bumped forehead in the process.

For these and other especially helpful tasks around the house they earn 5 or 10 yen, which they put in their little money envelopes and carry around with them, the way Keech used to do; incipient financiers, only all smiles.

What beautiful gifts they are, that keep on growing!


Joy Des Jardins said...

Oh how nice Uncle Keech got to stick around for the dynamic trio....what a fun place your house is right now Bob. Better Uncle Keech's back than yours????

Bob Brady said...

Right; the three fall down laughing a lot while massaging, so better someone with a lot of energy gets the massage of feet, knees and elbows... supercute to watch, though.

Mary Lou said...

AHHH Sounds like a really good time!! Keech is your youngest correct?

Bob Brady said...

Yep. He headed back to Seattle on the 31st.