Thursday, July 03, 2008


Received the sad news that my long-time blog buddy Winston Rand has suddenly passed away, just a day or two after leaving one of his always uplifting comments on a post of mine.

I'd never met Winston, or even spoken to him, just luckily got to know him through words over years, and always looked forward to his observations. I knew him in that way you can when you read the writings of a person who loves the spirit that lives in the flow of thought shared with kindred spirits, as in the unique relations of the blog. I never would have 'met' Winston were it not for this new technology that has so privileged us all.

So often, Winston was the first to leave a comment on something I'd posted, his words showing me that he was a kind man and an optimist - a combination of integrity that the world can always use more of - ever looking to the bright side of even dark things. There was light in all his words-- his empathy for that styrofoam cup in the midst of heavy traffic is a perfect example of the depth and perception of his observations, and stands as testament to a good and caring man. Those feelings of mine were borne out to the full when I read the touching words written by Winston's wife ("Roomie," as as he lovingly called her) that form the final post on his blog, Nobody Asked, where Winston can always be visited.

Enjoy heaven, Winston. I hope to meet you there in person before too long, if I can change my habits in time.

You always added sunshine to my day.


Mary Lou said...

And maya's Granny also died!! it has been a sad month!!

Joy Des Jardins said...

Hard to believe isn't it Bob? I had to read Roomie's words over and over...and still I couldn't absorb them properly. This was painful...right on the heels of losing Joycelyn...our dear Maya's Granny; but at least we had some time to adjust to her leaving us with updated through her illness. But Winston...busy blogging to us one day....gone the next. Ironically I had just posted a piece about how blessed I felt to have my friends listed in my blogroll and how very much they have come to mean to me since I began blogging. I wrote it on Saturday, the day Winston passed away. Then on Monday...I read Roomie's post. I cried....a lot. We lost a wonderful person...a generous and poetic soul....a stellar man. We will dearly miss him. Thank you Robert for this beautiful. Winston LOVED your writing from the first time he read you....I can only imagine how honored he would have been by your tribute.

Anonymous said...

I echo what you say here, Robert. He was very often the first to comment on my posts too - always supportive and very very kind to me. I was saddened - by his loss.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh, I, too, hope to continue conversation in heaven. I'm sure his wife is so very appreciative of your kind words here in this zone. Thanks for the update. Carmen

Alice said...

Gosh, I'm happy to read such a warm tribute to your bloggger friend Winston. I checked out the links and now I feel I've lost something (someone) too. I love reading and supporting thoughtful writers. Wish I'd known about nobody asked a lot sooner, so I could have known him better.

tracy said...

I feel the same as Alice. I hope Roomie will leave his blog on line. I would surely love to read it.
This makes me realize that I must read my favorite bloggers as often as possible. And, I have some catching up to do here for certain, because I feel so blessed to have an opportunity to visit you on Pureland Mountain, Robert.