Friday, July 03, 2009


Well the rest of the world may be in several kinds of doldrums, but over here in the Land of Wa things are looking up as of Wednesday, when Japan's new Kabutomushi (rhinoceros beetle) Sumo Champion was crowned in Nakayama.

I keep thinking maybe I should have entered, I have some pretty impressive kabutomushi up here on the mountain, especially around my compost pile. Last fall I posted some photos of my compost-fed kabutomushi larvae, any one of which coulda been a contenda, but I haven't managed any beetles since I was a kid; besides I've been busy recently with snakes and monkeys. Anyway, to join the Kabutomushi Sumo competition you have to be a kid I think, which though I still am in some ways, I think my pension probably would disqualify me.

Anyhow, the pressure of competition all came to a head yesterday in the final match when the pressure proved too much for favorite King Kabuto who, as he neared the top of the pole and was about to snatch a clear victory from the slower King Joe, threw the Championship and his career away by flying out of the arena entirely, giving up all the glitter of stardom for the simple comforts of home.

Personally, I think he made the right choice.

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