Friday, July 24, 2009


"In fact, Japan has been so successful at keeping costs down that Japan now spends too little on health care; half of the hospitals in Japan are operating in the red."

Funny, how amidst all the socioeconohealth babble now ongoing in the attempt at a health care cure, I rarely hear from a suited authority even a whisper of the word "prevention" in its full meaning, which if promulgated properly and put into practice from (before!) birth and early education, would cut medical costs and expenditures by huge amounts, to the betterment of any nation. But if disease Prevention were the major focus of national health care, the big med lobby (health care, pharmaceuticals, health insurance etc.) would have to undergo some major surgery of its own, as would the halls of government...


Anonymous said...

Ah, I read you to escape to another world (although it is much like mine, but with way better vegetables, more entertaining garden pests, and farther out of town.) And here is the US health care reform.

The drafts on the table actually cover preventive care in the sense of checkups, vaccinations, etc., which are not always covered, and the medical home concept attempts to create a way for people to have actual discussions with doctors.

But you are right - we tend to not change the oil and then spend big bucks to have the engine rebuilt.

Kay Dennison said...

But Bob, that would make sense!!! I haven't seen a whole lot of sense in a very, very long time.