Tuesday, May 03, 2011


The lack of thought and care at the bottom of this is beyond words.
"Cold blooded" falls far short.
"Crimes against humanity" comes to mind...


Physicians for Social Responsibility




Maggie said...

We no longer hear anything about Japan in our news here. I won't tell you what I am thinking.

Tabor said...

Yes, the struggle of Japan has been bumped by a big wedding and then the capture of our most famous terrorist. We will find these facts years from now when our people are exposed to something similar and we will wonder why we didn't know about this. I think there is smoke coming out of my ears right now!!!!!

vegetablej said...

"Fear of Panic"--they trot that old phrase out whenever they're too gutless to do the right thing. The Fear of Panic is really the fear and panic of government when they realize they've messed up really good and are going to have to face the public's outrage.