Monday, May 02, 2011


What They're Covering Up at Fukushima


" ...if you are so sure that they're safe, why not build them in the center of [Tokyo],
instead of hundreds of miles away where you lose half the electricity in the wires?"


Government Adviser Quits Post to Protest Japan's Policy

on Radiation Exposure for Fukushima Schools

Unsafe at Any Dose

"Nuclear accidents never cease. We’re decades if not generations
away from seeing the full effects of the radioactive emissions from Chernobyl."
she makes a VERY important point [emphasis mine]:

"Still, physicists talk convincingly about 'permissible doses' of radiation. They consistently ignore 
internal emitters — radioactive elements from nuclear power plants or weapons tests
that are ingested or inhaled into the body, giving very high doses to small volumes of cells.
They focus instead on generally less harmful external radiation from sources outside the body,
whether from isotopes emitted from nuclear power plants, medical X-rays,
cosmic radiation or background radiation that is naturally present in our environment." 


Anonymous said...

hi,bit off topic, but i just wanted to say thank you for posting about Socks for Japan, I've been ill but finally got 15 pairs of socks and baby booties parcelled up and will take them to post tomorrow. Friends have helped with the cost of the postage and i watercolour pencil/painted all the letters so i hope the people who get them will feel some of the love and concern those of us round the curve are feeling for those made homeless by the thanks for your blog, i've had so many laughs reading your musings while weathering fibromyalgia on top of my lovely husband dropping dead of a heart attack, daoism helps and reading about the deer and monkeys in the garden can lift my day! Wishing you all well,
pretty thrifty

Maggie said...

Thank you. How are your daughter and the girls doing too?

Robert Brady said...

Anonymous-- miracle things, those sox, under the circumstances... nights are unseasonably cold here now, even more so up north; those sox will definitely be appreciated, as will the warming drawings... Babies will smile.
It also warms me to know I can give you a lift.

Maggie-- we're still trying to work things out, sending Kasumi and family these things to read and ponder... true info is key, and hard to find/discern in all this reassuring agenda-spin...
Thanks for asking.
Will keep it all posted as best I can...