Friday, May 16, 2003



Loyal readers hereof will recall my erstwhile diatribe against Richard Nixon (BEYOND DESPISING NIXON), comparatively honest precursor to the nefarious Bush gang, his diabolical attempts at doubly taxing Americans working abroad and the ultimately pointless troubles this tax-rapine involves for those so fortunate as to live elsewhere than with the IRS amidst the NRA. Apparently more and more folks who have the wherewithal are leaving every year to live peacefully abroad, greatly peeving the IRA and the current administrative cartel. Well those grasping folks are at it again. In keeping with the basic GOP philosophy, they're trying to repeal the foreign earned-income exclusion to help pay for the big tax cut on corporate dividends! If this ploy succeeds (and who cares but we expats?), every American working abroad will be forced to pay US taxes on their foreign income, in addition to the local taxes they must pay. It sounds downright Republican to me.

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