Tuesday, May 13, 2003



You know those rare stretches of time when everything that should be as always completely random (even slightly negative) suddenly goes perfectly, like it did for me today when I punched out as chance would have it exactly at 5:30 from my office and reached the lobby just as the elevator was arriving at my floor so that I walked out the front door at precisely the right time to reach the corner just as the signal was turning green, the kind of flowing moments you know are not normal, when nothing can get in your way or slow you down you are in not just a groove but a major groove, you are the very Moses of rush hour, crowds parting before you so smoothly that you don't even have to break your thoroughbred stride as you reach the ticket machine the moment the very slow lady getting her ticket finishes and leaves it free and time is like cream in which you are the honey, flowing like a cosmic dancer up the steps to the train platform of course just as the train pulls in and you get on and there before only you is the last seat left and you sit down and say inwardly: "Okay, universe, what is it, why are you doing this, what's up your sleeve, was my car stolen, what? Don't be so nice, give me a break..." And the more these bizarrely pleasant things happen to you the more worried you get; well I had a really exceptional one of those days today, it went on for hours, and I'm still wondering what I'm in for...

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