Thursday, May 01, 2003



Judging by Blogdex, response to the "Dante's Inferno Test --Impurity, Sin, and Damnation" ("A heavy thunder breaks the deep lethargy within your head...."), from "the fine people who brought you the famous Personality Disorder Test," there seems to be hyperconcern among the digerati as to the perdition in their future: not in terms of yes or no, but of degree. Of course it's all just in fun. Or is it? "Which Tarot Card Are You?" never got this kind of response. Who would have expected such an overwhelming response to an "...Inferno Hell Test based on Dante's Divine Comedy, written in the early 1300s by Dante Alighieri"? Is morality the next big thing? If things go on this way, some folks might actually read Dante.

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