Friday, February 11, 2005


Just now again I heard one of the pundits say: “You're either part of the steamroller or you're part of the road,” an industrial-age bromide that, like any other, can be swallowed whole no problem if you like to think in terms of infrastructure-relational dichotomies, whereas if you're not into strictly-by-the-book behavior like paving maintenance or construction safety, but are capable of actions better suited to a more extensively evolved cosmic existence, you might say screw the expressway altogether and jam the heavy machinery too: slow lane, fast lane, you can have 'em all: I'm headin' off on foot into my ancestral jungle, where I'll pluck me some high-hangin' fruit, then lay down on spiritual ground by the timeless river and daydream about all the choices there are beyond being mindlessly mechanical or getting monodimensional in the passing lane...

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