Thursday, February 03, 2005


I was idly surfing the net today, just hangin' ten in the cybertube, not thinking of monkeys in even the slightest degree, when this article came up at me out of the depths:

Japan identified as hotspot in need of intense conservation work

Thursday, February 3, 2005 at 07:36 JST
TOKYO — “The world's largest conservationist group has identified the Japanese archipelago as a region where intense effort is needed to protect endangered species, the group said Wednesday.”

Well, ok, I’ll listen, but this better be good.

“Conservation International recognized Japan as one of the 34 'biodiversity hotspots' abundant in 'endemic species and several endemic genera of plants and animals,' and urged Japan to improve its conservation measures in a report on a research project involving some 400 scientists.”

Apparently there are no endangered scientists. The article went on:

“In Japan's case, the conservation group cited endemic plants and animals in places such as the Ogasawara Islands in the Pacific, Sado Island in the Sea of Japan, Yaku Island in Kagoshima Prefecture, the Kushiro wetland in Hokkaido and forests on the Kii Peninsula.”

Ok I’ll go along with that, but don’t forget the Shiraho Reef… (No need to mention my house and garden, the wildlife refuge.)

"About one-quarter of the vertebrate species occurring in this hotspot are endemic, including the critically endangered Okinawa woodpecker [Precious avian treasure!] and the Japanese macaque [WHAT!?], the famous 'snow monkeys' [WHAT!?] that are the most northerly living nonhuman primates in the world," the group reported."

Famous? Well sure. Look at the treacly photos! Endangered? Not as long I attempt to maintain a mountain garden. No mention of the fact that the monkeys survive on my onions and tomatoes. I’d read enough. I went to the monkeycam to see how the poor, endangered creatures are doing. That fat one in front stole my pumpkins.

Actual article itself, which is mostly correct, except for a simian oversight.

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