Wednesday, January 25, 2006


"If a senator in his Lexus or Mercedes speeds by a homeless family after voting down a budget item for affordable housing, it is not because he is cruel, for he is working for the larger goal of building a prosperous society that encourages people to get to work and take care of their own families, and he is doing that today by helping an oil refinery avoid smokestack regulations. It is not because he doesn't want clean air and water, but because there is a price to pay for jobs and growth, and you have to break some eggs to make that omelet. In fact you may have to allow some mercury into the eggs. The fact that the wealthy elite of the community agree with him and forever finance his reelection is but a happily synchronous fact of life and maybe even a sign from the big CEO in heaven that all's right with the world.
The fact is, meetings with lobbyists at all hours, endless committee hearings listening to whiners from the community, and the non-stop fundraising events make for a tough and thankless life of public service.
Well, it was all interesting and sadly amusing while it lasted, but it's time for we the ungrateful people to put these dedicated martyrs out of their misery."

From Granny's Jan 24 speech in Madison Wisconsin
Big change coming in November...


Joy Des Jardins said...

Gadzooks, I like this lady. Granny D-lightful.

Robert Brady said...

Isn't she though! In the newsletter this excerpt came from, the writer mentioned that he had asked Granny D over the phone whether, now that she was 96, she felt old; she answered "What do you mean?"