Saturday, April 22, 2006


Local politics around here haven't changed much in half a century (since the Edo period, it could be argued), and the LDP's time in power has exceeded that of any single-party rule in the world since the demise of the PRN in Mexico; Koizumi is even now selecting his successor. So this is interesting:

"Japan has some very big decisions to make. The revolutionary wealth system is not just a technical or economic phenomenon, but social and cultural as well. It is civilizational change.

The technology is the easy part, which Japan has mastered. The hard part is to make consonant changes in institutions and social structure to bring it all into sync. This is where Japan, with its notorious social and cultural rigidity, has fallen down — even though it has mastered the technology. Everything from the lifetime employment of the 'salaryman' to the subjugated role of women has slowed it down while others — especially China — speed on ahead.

Japan's main challenge is how to loosen up. They are doing it. But can they do it in time?"

Revolutionary Wealth
An Interview with Alvin Toffler

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