Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Kneeling to the garden with a handful of seeds, you can't help but grow, to realize the vastness there is to a seed, each one as linked with all eternity as we ourselves.

Timeless it is, to place one seed into the ground - then another - and so on down the row you've made of your portion of time’s garden, holding an endless secret in the palm of your hand, your hand itself a part of the secret, moving from seed to seed as your forebears have done, as eternity has done, until now here you are, doing as eternity does. There is much to a seed.


Delwyn said...

I once read that some seeds found in the pyramids were germinated ... that germ of life they hold seems eternal.

A great post... from a germ of an idea...from a seed...

Tabor said...

I had a similar thought this week although mine tended toward the miracle of the process instead of the history.

Chancy said...


Timeless, as you say.

As I grow older,79, in fact,
I keep thinking that time past, today, and tommorow have melded into a solid whole and in truth there is only NOW.