Monday, March 23, 2009


That mystic scent is in the air, that primal provocation from out of the earth itself, that tells me even at my age to dig out the bag of marbles from wherever I put it last year and, with that intense ardor native to childhood, polish up the catseyes and immies, puries and steelies, then go out and dig my heel into some springsoft earth for potsies - next to a sidewalk is good - or take a stick and engrave a circle on a flat piece of ground and rustle up some serious play-for-keeps ringsies, with no dropsies, or stompsies-- or I could dust off my silver and gold yo-yo and practice Sleeping and Rock the Cradle and Walk the Dog, essential skills every one, because soon the Philippine yo-yo champs will be coming for their spring visit to the candy but yo-yo store over by school, where they'll stand outside for an afternoon and chat with the bouncy crowd of yo-yo fans who'll come from all over the neighborhood, the champs will do some new tricks, teach some old tricks, amaze us all with the yo-yo possibilities of life, maybe even carve some palm trees into the sides of my yo-yo, impart some tropical magic for doing those new tricks, what excitement, Spring is here...

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vegetablej said...

Oh, the memories. I used to spend spring covered in mud, coveting my brother's always much bigger and more varied bag of marbles, and trying to win some of them from him.

What a cool event for the kids, big and little, in your neighborhood. I bet their eyes will shine.