Friday, March 13, 2009


Hey, I love cute as much as the next guy. Well, maybe not THAT guy, he's registered, but you know what I mean. Cute has its place. Mainly in little kids, teddy bears, baby animals, tiny birdies and - in a tempered way - rational young men and women of higher school age. Cute is fine and good as long as it doesn't become manic, or malignant, or require exorcism. This seems as though it might be all three.

Internationally speaking, things could hardly get any weirder right now, but Japan is going to give it a try, in the ancient Japanese tradition of East-meets-Westness. There's no danger of things getting any shallower.

I doubt if there's a country in the world that hasn't had an ambassadorial embarrassment now and then - to say nothing of electoral disaster - but I don't recall any country actually risking so much on the face of it, other than when Japan tried Doraemon as its anime ambassador at about this time last year, or when a couple months later Hello Kitty gave it a treacly try, efforts that cutely vortexed into ambassadorial black holes from which no later information escaped, a blessing of sorts.

But now, in a continuing advance into whichever cultural depression we're entering at the moment, the Land of the [insert desired verb here] Sun is sending out as its envoys of cuteness three young women who patently do not wish to be other than obsessively formuletically derivativo-permutations of notness regarding whoever they actually are, or might once have been going to be... this gets confusing... Is, like, really cute Japan going, like, anywhere cute?

"We want people abroad to know these kinds of people exist in Japan and to feel close to them."

Damn. I'm beginning to feel cute again. I thought I was over that.


Delwyn said...

Hiya cutie...

So kawaii ...

I have to confess to going to Harajuku to see the scenes... but found the Meiji temple much more edifying.

Castaway said...

on this note, living in Japan is exactly like living in the movie "Pleasantville."

what other country is there where you'd find even high school boys proudly sporting cute disney stuff animals and stickers on their school bags?

Anonymous said...

Not cute, scary, in a Jon-Benet Ramsay/Borg kind of way. Don't look too closely into their eyes; you might be assimilated.

Gina said...

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Thanks for your comment!

Gina from Germany

Anonymous said...

What the hell's come over you?

Give yourself a slap, man.

Bob Brady said...

Thanks, overoften; I needed that. How about those Giants?