Friday, January 13, 2006


"Prince Tomohito of Mikasa, cousin of Emperor Akihito, has criticized a government panel on imperial succession for rushing to propose allowing female monarchs in Japan, according to a monthly magazine scheduled to go on sale Tuesday. The prince suggests in an article in Bungei Shunju that the panel should explore other options such as reinstating the royal status of imperial branch families and said there is 'no need to immediately' come to a decision. He also expresses concern that the imperial family will become no different from ordinary Japanese families if it allows female monarchs, who would marry commoners."

In other words, imperial women are so like common women in their flightiness (or imperial males so unattractive) that as a result the public would in time become its own emperor. Then the Prince wouldn't be a Prince anymore, poor guy, he'd be just like everyone else. What a tragedy, all that pricelessly princeful imperial blood going to waste. He could still cut ribbons in his own home, though, and rail on in the shower about the tainting of imperial hemoglobin and loss of all those congenital perks... Truly a heartbreaking situation.


Tabor said...

One wouldn't want to taint such pure blood. It might introduce too much intelligence. But then again, we don't have pure blood leaders here and it hasn't helped improve their intelligence.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Heartbreaking, yes....crushing actually. sniff...