Monday, January 09, 2006


"Some of the victims lost their lives when their homes collapsed under the pressure of the snow.

'It's frightening,' an unnamed elderly women in Akita City on the island of Honshu told Japan's TV Asahi. 'There were creaking sounds and I couldn't open the doors because of the weight of the snow.'

Others died in falls while trying to clear the snow from their roofs."

Death toll from heavy snow since early December now 68
Japan Struck by Deadly Snowdrifts


Joy Des Jardins said...

Robert, you mentioned in an earlier post of the problems people were having with heavy snow caving roofs in and blocking doors so many were not able to get out of their homes. How very, very sad at the loss of all those lives. I'm so sorry for those elderly citizens...and more.

Mary Lou said...

Man you guys are getting hammered aren't you? Are you getting as much down there?

We have just been getting drenched with rain! 3 inches yesterday alone!! I could use some snow!

Anonymous said...

I am very sad to think of the elderly trying to survive that snow all alone, terrified and doing what they can, and the loss of life that has resulted. I hope that help has arrived for the community there, and the elderly can feel safe now knowing they are not alone. But too little too late for some. I am sad tonight.

Tabor said...

I can remember as a child living in the mountains of Colorado and one winter having snow come above the door and up to the eves and not being able to get out of the house. When you are so little you don't remember the tragedy part, just the uniqueness.

Robert Brady said...

They now have Self-Defense Force members and lots of volunteers helping out clearing the roofs and the roads. We got not quite a meter here at the edge of snow country, mostly shoveled out now and melted down a bit in today's sun.