Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Out for a walk in the snow with Kaya, who is with us for a few days of relaxation into herself away from the twins, and to let the twins relax into themselves. As we walk, I keep pointing out the tracks the animals have made in the snow during the night: "Here's where Mr. Pheasant walked into the woods, here's where Baron the buck enters and exits his forest grove hideaway" etc.

As we walk along the road, every now and then I stop and point out the Baron's footprints, muse on his comings and goings and doings, when Kaya, rightfully feeling that she's at least as important as the Baron, selects one of the Baron's better footprints and puts her own bootprint in the snow nearby, then places several of her own handprints to surround the Baron's print, much as our prehistoric ancestors put their handprints where it was important for animistic linkage and spiritual continuity with the unknown; it's ancient and it's deep, and Kaya did it instinctively, as it's done best. Like me, the Baron will be impressed.


Joy Des Jardins said...

Sweet picture Robert. I think Kaya will find her times with Grandpa are pretty special... memory-makers.

Mary Lou said...

AHHHHH Another wonderful Kaya Story!! She is such a joy to read about! I love the handprints!! and you get to save them on film!!!

Tabor said...

I have nothing new to add. Posts above said it all. You are very lucky and what is even better is that you know it.