Monday, January 30, 2006


While most of the developed world is working to nurture the world's remaining whales (even the current US 'administration,' though pro-industry and anti-nature, is giving whales lip service (maybe it hasn't clicked that nature includes consumers too)), Japan is not only working hard at killing whales for 'scientific research,' they're working hard at ways to kill them more thoroughly. But you can't stop human ingenuity, especially when it comes to rapine.

"Because new species have been added to the research project this year which are larger than a minke whale, we thought we would need a bigger grenade on the end of the harpoon..." says Masayuki Komatsu, head of the Japan Fisheries Research Agency.

Figured I should pass on this little bit of Japanese harpoon news just to keep the whos and whats of the story straight when one day our children are explaining to their children what whales were and why they went away.

(And just in case you were planning a trip to Japan, or were about to purchase something Japanese and might prefer to do otherwise.)


Joy Des Jardins said...

Robert...sounds like you're just a little bit miffed. Well, honestly, I have to concur with your miffedness! Yikes.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Robert, since you posted the picture of the Twinsters after I already commented...I HAD to come back to tell you....they are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for posting the I have faces that will make Grandpa's stories even better.