Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I see in the news that good old upstate New York is getting all windy over wind power (they should see the highway into Desert Hot Springs), and flaky too: "Group members also warned of health problems ranging from strokes caused by the sunlight as it pulsates through the spinning turbine blades to mange in cattle. Others claimed that women living near the wind farms are having as many as five menstrual cycles a month."

It's interesting to see upstate New Yorkers involved in debates over alternate energy sources and new income flows. One wealthy Republican (the only kind that can afford to run for office) is expected to run for governor on the strength of his anti-wind platform, but a politician without wind is basically a hermit. Now if they'd put up a wind turbine in the State Capitol building, they could power all of New York.


Chancy said...

Speaking of hot air:

"Ill blows the wind that profits nobody."
- William Shakespeare, King Henry the Sixth Part III (Son at II, v) -----------------------------------

threecollie said...

We live in upstate NY and "enjoy" wind that nearly blows our house away every month of the year. We would love to have a wind farm at the back of our place, but we haven't even approached the companies that are trying to site them in the area. There is such a tremendous uproar every time the topic comes up that we know it will never happen. As small farmers we could really use the income generated by renting space for windmills and we have a gigantic powerline running right through our back fields. Oh, well.