Wednesday, October 22, 2003



Stark words from Jim Sinclair (emphasis mine):

"The U.S. will not divert from its course and the new US Bill of Rights - which due to the Patriot Act having replaced the US Constitution - is really about "survival from terrorism at any cost."

This administration is determined to hold the White House as a citadel against what they see as the "Barbarians at the Door" with every American paying a horrific price.

This administration will do whatever it takes to get re-elected using its main tool, the US Federal Reserve. The US legislature will do whatever is required for this administration to be reelected.

I do not blame any administration because all nations always get the leaders they deserve. Leadership always reflects what the nation is because the nation permits that leader to rule. The cost that is really on the line is the system itself which so many have given their lives for.

Nothing can be done to alter the course of history now. Gold is the answer. This is generational. I am glad I am not a kid. I suffer deeply for my children and their children because the glory of our forefathers will be trashed."

Full editorial here.

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