Monday, October 20, 2003



Maybe Toyosato across the Lake can't recall a Mayor all the way out of office, but we over here in Shiga-cho don't fool around. And though as an income tax and property tax payer and long-term non-felon permanent resident and property owner and responsible individual I'm not allowed to vote, I've been active, dammit, and we've ousted that lame excuse for a servant of the people and put a real Mayor-person in his place, who is going to rock the local boat and not bring in any enterenched cronies of the national political scene like Arnold did over in California, you can bet on that. This guy's real. It just got harder for the prefectural and national governments to build an incinerator in the mountainside forests above Lake Biwa, source of drinking water for 20 million people who don't yet seem particularly aware of the toxins that may be coming out of their taps if they don't wake up. Though they're more awake now, since this little recall is national news and hopefully a harbinger of what's to come in Japanese politics at all levels. Even though I can't vote. Did you get that, my faithful readers from the Japanese press?

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