Saturday, October 18, 2003



Today I edited a buncha stuff, repaired a broken stool, moved some books, wrote some haiku, wrote a ramble, packed some still very serviceable jeans for the homeless, cleared the deck for the firewood stacks, prepped the soil some more for winter greens, cut some tabasco and jalapeno to hang in the kitchen, picked the larger shiitake, cut a couple dozen tall straight bamboo stalks for use in the garden, moved several wheelbarrow loads of sectioned barrel staves to the firewood place on the deck, gathered the sawdust into a bucket for use in kindling (what a beautiful old word), picked a pocketful of mukago, watered the ginger, cut the opportunistic saplings out of the kinmokusei hedge, watered the shiitake logs, picked up a bunch of late chestnuts, set some new stones in the walkway, fine-tuned the small stone slab staircase and did not even think for one second about who is president of the US, or which is the dominant political party in Japan. Now that I consider a day well spent.

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