Thursday, October 30, 2003



Now that Japan's Democratic party has gone to England and come back with its own political 'manifesto' (big to-do here over what that actually means as taken straight into Japanese), it looks like the white gloves might come off as the other parties board the bandwagon and hastily come up with their own manifestos, changing at least the mask of Japanese politics by requiring their own politicians henceforth to be "specific" about their electoral pledges; perhaps they'll even have to be "bound" by them. As fat a chance here as anywhere, I guess. Much more pleasing is the possibility that it might render warblers unnecessary, that perhaps the loudpeaker vans won't have to wander the neighborhoods anymore, being deafeningly non-specific. Dream on, Robert. This is politics you're talking about. The manifestos may change, but the astute eye will note that that's only paper they're written on.

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