Tuesday, October 21, 2003



From the statement of General Boykin:

"I believe that God intervenes in the affairs of men, to include nations, as Benjamin Franklin so eloquently stated. Yes I believe that George Bush was placed in the White House by God as well as Bill Clinton and other presidents."

• "As a Christian I believe that there is a spiritual war that is continuous as articulated in the Bible. It is not confined to the war of terrorism."

• "The evidence that this nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles is undeniable. We are a nation of many cultures and religions but the evidence of our foundation is historic."

This guy works in the Pentagon as a deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence. To get that job, doesn't one have to live in the real world? And don't workers in the Pentagon have to at least be from this planet? I suppose the standards must have plummeted under the new administration; no one's sure of its provenance either. Nice to know our world is in such hands.

Oh, I see: he's a general in the army of God.

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