Thursday, August 12, 2004


U.S. to launch National Preparedness Month on September 9, not quite a full three years after 9/11.

September 9~October 8? (Or maybe early Novemmmmber?) Oddly delayed timing for an extremely orange, perhaps even reddening emergency...

Kids! See the National Preparedness Month Calendar of Events! (pdf) Fear can be fun! goes online September 4!
take the Preparedness Quiz!! Flunk and you're a target!

In-school Ready Deputy Contest launches September 2, from! Report your friends!

Or in the midst of the imminent pan-national catastrophe that will affect all voters individually, you can wrap yourself in vinyl and then duct tape it all up, you'll be safe from everything... Flag up in the corner, in case you were doubting...

w/Thanks to This Modern World


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