Wednesday, August 04, 2004


"The Public Management Ministry notified three ministries Tuesday that the quality of water in 10 lakes and ponds was still below expected standards.
The ministry's first evaluation of policies related to the conservation of the quality of lake water was delivered to the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry, the Construction and Transport Ministry and the Environment Ministry.
The ministries also were sent advisory statements that called for them to review their plans to conserve water quality as well as consider new policies to regulate the discharge of waste water.
The ministry conducted chemical oxygen demand tests to assess the level of pollution in water samples taken from 10 designated lakes and ponds that had not met the requirements set by the Environment Ministry. Public Management Ministry officials also talked to local government officials regarding water conservation.
The ministry determined that none of the designated lakes and ponds met its standards. It also concluded that the water quality at four of the lakes, including Lake Biwa and Lake Nakaumi, was worsening."

I would suggest, offhand, for a start, that they CANCEL THE INDUSTRIAL WASTE PYROLYTIC INCINERATOR PLANNED FOR THE WESTERN SHORE OF LAKE BIWA (DRINKING WATER FOR 25 MILLION PEOPLE). Otherwise, scrap these purposeless ministries and start over with meaning.


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