Friday, August 06, 2004


"Have you any idea what would happen if al-Qaeda lights up any of the 300,000 miles of mostly unprotected oil pipeline that supplies the world appetite for fossil fuel? Do you really believe that shipping routes are free from challenge? Oil is unprotected, and a sitting duck for plunder, should the opposition decide to move on it. What a mess has been spread over the world by the removal of Saddam Hussein. He was the only stop-gap between Iran and the rest of the oil-rich countries. He was removed, thanks likely to misinformation whispered into the eager ears of Washington by Mr. Chalabi, a man described as an Iranian agent of sorts.

We have not yet seen the worst of this unfolding drama. Iraq is headed into the hands of Iran. Iran is headed towards becoming, or may already be, a nuclear power. The West is going to be starved of oil. Markets will be vandalized by the event. Currencies will go into turmoil that cannot be stopped by more lies, and any or all central bank interventions. Derivatives will surface as the total frauds they are. Emergency loans in the hundreds of millions of dollars will be made to major brokerage firms and international investment banks to hold up a crumbling system. Price and monetary inflation must go wild as the big-wigs maneuver to save their bacon. The West simply cannot rule Islam, if only on the major criterion of size. At no time in history has anyone had the gall to believe they could (in a military sense) occupy such a vast territory in the name of bringing Democracy to the Muslim world -- a place where Dr. Benner has said there are no democrats to be found. Neither Attila The Hun, nor any other world conqueror, has ever undertaken a quest of the magnitude inherent in the stated second purpose of the invasion of Iraq by the Coalition of the Willing.

Societies have been crippled by winning wars in the past, but this war now has no borders and covers an area greater than any war on the planet. It has sucked the U.S. dry and soon will suck the dollar dry. Now the opposition senses the hemorrhage of the system and plans to starve it of its lifeblood, oil. In the red fog of combat, leadership may not realize that in victory lies total defeat. It is never too late to cut your losses, but politics is the madness that often drives men and nations to their destruction. It is that bad. I have seen the future and it is not pretty."

Jim Sinclair Tuesday, August 03, 2004


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