Wednesday, August 25, 2004


To give a bit more detail on the Shiga Window foto at left-- Charm, amulet, talisman, call it what you will, the Omamori is an especially beautiful (but sometimes tacky) bit of Japanese spiritual culture. On one side of the bag is embroidered the name of the shrine that 'issues' it (each shrine has its own design); on the other side are words relating to the blessing. Inside is a folded piece of paper or a small tablet of wood that has been blessed and purified by a priest of the shrine for various generalized and specialized purposes-- good health, driving safety, success on exam, profitable business, find a mate etc.-- just about any striving can be accommodated. In the photo below, Mizuki Noguchi wears an Omamori sewn to her running shorts; it worked, she got the gold.

Mizuki Noguchi with Omamori


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