Sunday, August 01, 2004


"There are those - and it looks suspiciously like George W Bush is one of them - who will take decisions that are counter productive to the welfare of Society as a whole in order to ensure a maintenance of the vested interests of a small subset of greater Society. They rationalise that these people have superior capabilities and that they therefore 'need' to be protected so that they can 'get on with the job' of 'saving the world'. There is a word that describes such a rationalisation, and that word is 'arrogance'."

From Managed Markets
By Brian Bloom

This reminded me of a passage I read a few weeks ago in Some More Thoughts on Moore, by Joyce Marcel:

"For me, the most troublesome scene in the film [Farenheit 9/11] comes when Bush is speaking to a group of wealthy supporters at a formal dinner. With a smirk, he says that while some might call these people 'the elite,' he calls them 'my base.' The well-tailored men and diamond-bedecked women smiled, preened and applauded; my heart dropped.

That was the moment I realized that these people know George Bush very well. They know he's a charming idiot, a wealthy, well-connected ne'er do well. They know that he's run every business opportunity he's ever had into the ground. They know he's not qualified to be president of a local garbage-hauling business, much less of the United States. And they don't care. They flat-out don't care.

The point is that he is one of them. They can trust him and his handlers to protect their privileges and increase their wealth. They'll fill Bush's coffers for this election and vote for Jeb Bush in the next one. The rest of the country can go to hell for all they care."


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