Sunday, August 15, 2004


"Who are some of the big name insiders who are taking millions upon millions of dollars out of the market as CNBC keeps telling small fry investors to keep pumping their 401-K money into stocks? I see Bill Gates has taken close to $200 million out in the last few days. Larry Ellison of Oracle Corp. has been pulling tens of millions out day after day. Top bigwigs from Dex Media have pulled upward to $1 billion out over the past few weeks. Many more hotshots have not only been taking a few chips off the table but have been running like mad out of the market. I wonder where their money is going? Gold perhaps? That you won't find out until gold has its run to well over $1,000 per ounce. But no doubt these guys are also getting much of their wealth offshore so that when the fecal matter (the dollar) hits the rotary oscillator here in the U.S. when most Americans have seen their dreams of a comfortable retirement washed down the drain, the ruling elite will no doubt have their wealth already safely squirreled away in a Swiss account, quite beyond the reach of armed tax bureaucrats."


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